What is electrical contractor?

electrical contractor is firm that performs planning, design, installation and maintenance of the electrical system. electrical contractor make sure all the system they are building is running safely, and more importantly effective and environmentally friendly so the users feel safe while working near the electrical system.

So, What does electrical contractor do?

Normally before started building a construction, electrical contractor will provide high level of the detail of design of the electrical system depend on the request of customer.  when the design and budget approved by the client, electrical contractor will do all the work according to the schedule to meet the demand of the customer.

below is what electrical contractor do

  • Plan the project
    they will determine the design and the steps necessary to finish the job, including timeline and resources.
  • Create benchmark
    set the benchmark to see the progress of the project.
  • Distribute resources
    schedule the necessary resources to be ready during the project.
  • Manage the budget
    manage the budget to keep the project running efficiently.
Hongxhe Indonesia

Hongxhe Indonesia

Hongxhe Industrial was founded in 2013 in West Java, Indonesia. We are electrical and plumbing contractor from Indonesia. Our office is located at Cikarang, West Java.

Main service: Plumping, water supply and drainage systems, high voltage electric, low voltage electric, wastewater treatment, rainwater reuse system.



Our Clients

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