A building’s plumbing system is more than just drainage and water supply. It’s a critical factor in the cost, efficiency, and quality of a construction project. With so many things depend on this component, plumbing engineers is something building project cannot afford to neglect. 

a plumbing engineer is a certified professional who designs all the gas- and water-related systems of a construction project for example water supply and drainage. and with the world trying to make better environment, now it included waste water management so when the water go back to river/sea the water is safe for animal and tree.

Our role normally overlaps with mechanical and civil engineering. The system we work included standard plumbing for bathrooms, water supplies and drainage usually on large scale.

Here’s a quick look at the responsibilities of a plumbing engineer during the early design stages of a new building:

  • Verifies the efficiency of all hydro-related design and all pipe connections
  • Checks the quality of all materials for the plumbing system
  • Designs hot and cold water systems in the most sustainable way possible
  • Creates a stormwater management system
  • Designs the entire building’s sewer system
  • Helps develop fire retardant systems such as sprinkler systems for the whole facility
  • Helps create waste water management system

Plumbing engineers have expertise in the civil, mechanical, chemical, and electrical. That’s why Plumbing engineers are considered a critical influence on a building’s sustainability, fire protection, energy efficiency, water efficiency, and pollution systems, and they are invaluable to the success of any construction project.

Hongxhe Indonesia

Hongxhe Indonesia

Hongxhe Industrial was founded in 2013 in West Java, Indonesia. We are electrical and plumbing contractor from Indonesia. Our office is located at Cikarang, West Java.

Main service: Plumping, water supply and drainage systems, high voltage electric, low voltage electric, wastewater treatment, rainwater reuse system.



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